Registration of a work visa to England.

Registration of a work visa to England.
Great Britain is considered an economically stable state. For this reason, residents of many countries tend to go to England for work. In order to work on legal grounds, it is necessary to issue a work visa to England.
The process of obtaining this document is complicated for foreign citizens since 2014. However, if you follow the exact rules for collecting and filing documents, you can get such a work permit without much trouble.
In what cases do you need a work visa to England, and in which business visa, and how to register them? These are the important issues to consider in more detail.
Types of working visas in the UK.
Traditionally, it is believed that the level of education in England is quite high. But sometimes the Kingdom still needs specialists of a narrow profile or just hired workers. In order to attract qualified personnel and attendants, working visas were established.
Depending on the type of work and the length of stay in the country, this permit is of several types:
Tier 1. This permit is issued only to highly qualified specialists or entrepreneurs who plan to invest money in the economy of the state. Such a document can operate from 3-5 years with the possibility of extension. Tier 2. The permit is issued by qualified specialists who are in demand in England, as well as representatives of other fields of activity: sportsmen, religious figures, employees of international organizations. A visa of this category can be valid up to three years. Tier 5. Such a document is intended for qualified and unskilled workers who come to the UK for seasonal short-term work. The validity of the visa is from 6 to 12 months.
The most common types of work permits are Tier 2 and Tier 5. In turn, Tier 1 is rarely issued to Russian citizens, since the design of this document is associated with a number of difficulties.
Invitation from the employer.
Before you deal with the preparation of such a document, as a working visa to England for Russians, you need to get an invitation from the employer from England. Only by fulfilling this condition can you work in a state on legal terms.
Important! Not all organizations can issue invitations. As a rule, such a right is vested only in large companies that have a special sponsorship license. Such employers annually allocate a limited number of vacancies. Through the official websites of these companies or their intermediaries, you need to contact the employer and submit your CV. The form must be completed in English.
After this, the Russian specialist is assigned an interview. Most often it takes place online. During the conversation with the future employer, it is necessary to clarify the conditions of work and pay. After the candidacy is approved, you can start working out a work visa.
How to get a work visa to the UK?
It will be necessary to collect the following list of documents:
a passport that will be valid at the time of your stay in England; standard color photographs measuring 3.5 by 4.5 cm; invitation from the employer from England; A bank statement confirming financial viability. The minimum amount that should be on the account of the departing specialist, it is necessary to clarify on the official website of the country’s representation; confirmation of residence in England. This can be a certificate from the employer who provides accommodation, or the hotel reservation for a certain period of time; medical certificate. It includes information that the employee does not suffer from tuberculosis; a document confirming the proficiency in English. An international certificate is accepted. Testing of written and spoken language, reading and listening; applicant’s application form.
Attention! Representatives of some professions also need to produce a certificate of absence of criminal record.
Specialists who require such a document include:
This is not a complete list of specialties. The list is regularly updated and expanded, so before submitting documents it is important to study this list on the official website of the UK office.
In addition to the basic package of documents, it is necessary to attach knowledge of the laws of Great Britain. On this paper must be the signature of the employee.
All documents must be translated into English. You can do it yourself or use the help of an interpreter. It is important to specify the documents on the documents. translator, signature and date of transfer. All papers must be notarized.
After collecting all the documents you need to go to the Visa Center website and go through the registration procedure. An individual number will be sent to the e-mail, according to which you can track the status of the application. In addition, the post office receives information with the date and time of visiting the center.
At the reception at the Visa Center with the employee hold a brief interview and check the collected documents. In addition, a traveling citizen of Russia removes the necessary biometric data. These include fingerprinting.
The deadline for processing the document is approximately 3 weeks. However, in the case of errors in the completed documents or the need for clarification of information, the period may be extended.
Terms and cost.
In addition to the documents that allow you to obtain a work permit, you must provide receipts for payment of the consular fee. The amount of this fee depends not on the type of work visa, but on the length of stay in the country.
Working visa to the UK for a short stay is valid for not more than 12 months. The consular fee is 78 euros.
Visas such as Tier 1 and 2 can be issued for different periods:
entrepreneurs – for 3 years with the possibility of extension for another 2 years. The cost varies from 963 – 1024 euros; outstanding experts in science and art – for 5 years, after the expiry of the term, you can extend the visa for another 5 years. The fee is about 574 euros; other required specialists permit for 3 years. The amount of the consular fee can range from 437 – 1151 euros.
In addition to the consular fee is required to pay cash for insurance. The cost of registration – from 150 to 200 euros per year for one person.
When you issue a document through the Visa Center, you will have to pay a service fee.
To extend the work permit, it is not necessary to return to Russia, this can be done without leaving England, by contacting the employer. Entrepreneurs working on a document such as Tier 1, have the opportunity to issue a residence permit in England after 2 years of work.
Is it possible to refuse?
In some cases, Russian citizens are denied a working visa. In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, it is necessary to collect documents correctly, provide only reliable information, pay all fees on time, and observe the deadlines for submitting documents.
The full procedure for issuing a visa, including the stage of collecting documents, can last more than a month. The invitation from the employer is valid for 90 days, therefore it is not necessary to delay the submission of documents.
If you refuse to issue a work visa, do not despair. You can wait for the statutory deadlines and take a new attempt to apply for a work permit. At the same time, the substantiation of the previous refusal is added to the main list of documents.
The advantages of a work visa.
A specialist who has obtained a work permit in England is entitled to certain rights:
Change of employer. An employee who receives an invitation from a particular company can not change his place of work. However, after obtaining a document such as Tier 1, the employee removes these restrictions. This allows him not only to change jobs, but also to apply for permanent residence after a few years. Business in the UK. The work permit for the Tier 1 sample entitles you to organize your own business on the territory of the country or to buy a ready-made business. Carry a family to the Kingdom. This opportunity is also only open to Tier owners. A qualified specialist can transport his entire family. And all members of the family are given certain rights: for medical care, education, the possibility of obtaining loans.
England attracts many specialists from Russia. This is due not only to the high level of wages, but also to a good career prospects. In the Kingdom can work as accomplished professionals in their field, as well as university students without work experience.
In recent years, there has been a shortage of medical workers, engineers, veterinarians, and teachers in the UK. Specialists from these fields of activity have great chances to build their careers in this unique state.

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