Provincial Nomination

Provincial Nomination
Most provinces in Canada have an agreement with the Government of Canada, which allows them to directly participate in the selection of immigrants who want to settle in the province.
If you want to immigrate through the provincial program, then you must apply directly for immigration to a particular selected province. The province will decide on your issue based on your own need and your sincere intention to get settled in the province.
9 Canadian provinces have the right to nominate their candidates for immigration. These are: Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan.
Since each of these provinces has its own specific requirements for applicants, procedures, you should first thoroughly familiarize yourself with the requirements of a specific one before submitting an application for immigration.
After receiving confirmation from the province that you are recognized as a candidate for immigration, you should file a separate application for permanent residence in the office of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, where a decision on your issue will already be taken on the grounds that you are passing as a candidate from the province. In general, this means light requirements to the applicant. So, for example, if you apply for a Professional immigration class, but are already nominated as a provincial candidate, the decision of the immigration officer will be based not on 6 factors of selection, but on specific needs for specialists in the province. If, for example, you decide to immigrate to the Business Immigration class, but you already have the right to be nominated as a candidate from the province – then the requirements for the size of your capital will be significantly reduced, according to the requirements of a specific province.
There are several common points in obtaining the right to be called a candidate from the Canadian province.
Economic goals of the province.
As a rule, the provinces nominate those candidates who are able to bring significant economic and social benefits to it. They are either candidates whose professions, significant work experience and excellent language skills correspond to the specific needs of the province at the moment, or immigrants applying for the Business Immigration class who are willing to invest considerable money in the development of the province in which they plan to live and do business .
Commission fees when applying.
You will have to pay two kinds of duties: the application fee (not refundable if the result is negative) and the fee for obtaining the right to permanent residence (the amount returned in case of a negative decision). Do not forget about additional costs: medical examination, confirmation of your language skills, obtaining information from law enforcement agencies, confirming the absence of a criminal record.
Every immigrant and members of his family must undergo a medical examination with appointed doctors certified by the Canadian side. Most likely, the survey will have to even those members of the family who are not going to immigrate with you to Canada.
Follow the official procedure for filling out and submitting documents.
This is a fairly easy procedure. Following the instructions on the official website of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, you can do it yourself without referring to the help of specialists.

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