Immigration Property Perth

Immigration Property Perth
Dear forum users, please tell us about this city (climate, work, housing, etc.)
And is there a program in Perth to help newly arrived, similar to the one that exists in Adelaide.
Here is a good climate. Hot (really) days are not so much in a year, below 0 the temperature does not fall.
With work. objectively fewer places than in the east.
And, the official program “Meetings & quot; there is not.
Are the areas there dysfunctional?
Are the areas there dysfunctional?
There are Homes For Rent, you set the conditions and are looking for. There are even photos. In principle, it starts at 85 a week or more.
Crime is, obviously. The level, I believe, is low.
Those. you do not have such a national division of districts, as in Sydney, for example. And which areas are preferable in your opinion? For example, in an accessible distance from the center (up to 20 -30min by car) and in a quiet place, not very far from the beach. Do you like your neighborhood?
30 minutes by car from the city on the frieze will cover, to put it mildly, a large territory (radius of 50 km). If not very far from the beach – it’s easier – it’s along the frieves, north to Joonadalup, to the south – right up to the Fremantle.
By the way, the choice of the district to a large extent depends on the availability of children – the proximity of good schools is often the main factor.
I live in a district called Duncraig. Prior to the city with a good scenario – from 12 minutes without violating the rules. To the ocean in a straight line – 2.5 km, but we have a dog, so we go a little further to the dog beach.
In general, we had at least 1 visitor to this forum as a guest, let him describe how he saw our neighborhood (no offense)
Right now I’ll throw him a personal message.
As they say, we must distinguish between tourism and immigration 🙂 Although in your house I would ask for political asylum :))))
I liked the city, especially the roads – wide and not as twisted as in Sydney. On them I got my first, and so far the only one, fine for speeding. Drivers in Perth have a very interesting custom: ALL cars drive exactly 10 km above the speed limit 🙂 Based on this assumption, both, the speedometer of the car and the policeman spedomEtr, make a mistake every maximum of 5 km / hour. But even for a couple of kilometers “on top” can follow the payment.
I can not say that I saw many areas of Perth, but in those places where I managed to visit, the absence of the so-called pleasantly pleased eye. & quot; Victorian & quot; terraces in that poor shape. As they are very common in Sydney. In general, Perth, like Brisbane, is very much built up by new houses, both personal and mini-villages – such as a housing complex of 10-20 two-three-storey houses. About the prices ask the local residents, I do not know this info.
There are many beaches. Sometimes even too much 🙂 Perth (at least a large part) stands on the sand, not on rocks like Sydney. The mountains, too, could not be seen. All this, together with arid (previous) winter and summer, led to the introduction of restrictions on water consumption. True, watering poles still worked to their fullest.
What else I liked about Perth is its architecture. It is very difficult to describe, but Perth wins in this respect from Adelaide and Brisbane (Sydney and Melbourne, I deliberately do not consider – their architecture was developed based on other features)
If I remember anything else, I’ll write. 🙂
– can I do without a car (how close are schools and shops to transportation)
– that there is an interesting in the city (where to reduce children)
– Is there a work for programmers.
– often-whether there are any poisonous living creatures.
– Is it possible to go out of town for walks (and where) or is it dangerous?
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