Go to America from Dushanbe

Go to America from Dushanbe
08/31/2017 15:22 msk, DW / Fergananews.Com.
“Fergana” together with Deutsche Welle continues the project “Migrant in Russia. Habitat “, dedicated to immigrants from Central Asia who live and work in Russia. A taxi driver from Leninabad was tired of Russian officials more than from drunk customers. But where is he going to find a better life?
At the first meeting, it was held in the spring of 2017, Mahsud surprised me. Firstly, the fact that he, a 30-year-old taxi driver from Tajik Khudzhand (he calls him old-fashioned Leninabad), speaks fluent Russian, and secondly – the presence of a black belt in karate, which he was engaged in eleven years. And finally, with your plans and dreams. But more on that later.
At home and in Russia – without prospects.
Mahsud was surprised that I immediately recognized him as a Tajik, and especially that the German Cologne from Moscow was much closer than he thought – just some two thousand kilometers. “This is closer than to Dushanbe! I can come to you by car, “- so my interlocutor reacted to this geographical news. Then, in the spring, Mahsud willingly told about himself and was photographed near his favorite – a bright yellow car adorned with a taxi fleet advertisement.
Delivering me to the goal, the taxi driver did not hurry: he clearly wanted to talk with a journalist living in the West. The fact is that Mahsud gathered in America. “I want to get Russian citizenship here, and with him – in the US. At home, in Tajikistan, there are no prospects, here in Russia, there are also few of them, especially after the terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro, “he explained. – But in America, they say you can get a truck driver and earn $ 1500 a month. I have a wife and a one-year-old daughter. While one child, but we do not want to stop here. We must earn money. ”
True, how exactly did he get to America, Mahsud imagined himself very vaguely. Perhaps, that is why he asked whether it is possible to get a foreigner to work as a driver in Germany and how much they earn there.
For registration through Yerevan.
Our second meeting took place in the summer. Mahsud arrived in a new car of inconspicuous gray color, looked worried, although he did not lose natural optimism. “I have so many problems! There is a purge because of the upcoming World Cup. At every step the police began to stop, raids everywhere. I therefore passed a yellow taxi, took an unnoticeable car. ”
There were also problems with registration. The authorities shortened the deadline for filing documents, for their failure – immediate deportation. “Therefore, all my car fines are now being carefully paid for,” Mahsud explained. – Moreover, I still filed for Russian citizenship. I need clean documents. Complicated”.
To re-register the registration, Mahsud had to leave Russia. “I spent a day on a crowded minivan to Kazakhstan via Saratov, only to cross the border and return with a stamp for a new registration,” he recalls. “It’s the same day again.” 3300 kilometers is the nearest point. Spent ten with something of a thousand rubles, just to cross the border and get a seal. ”
Mahsud was tired of constant checks of documents.
There is, however, a less expensive way: to take a flight ticket to Yerevan. The cost is 7000 rubles, the summer is one hour forty. You get a stamp at the airport about crossing the border and fly back. Mahsud learned about this from his compatriots. With fellow-countrymen he communicates a lot. Basically, through Viber, which, he said, is almost everyone.
However, Mahsud hopes that a year after the end of the World Cup in Russia, the police will again “forget” about the migrants. “It’s like sharing driver’s license for us, foreigners. At first they decided, but now they seem to have postponed the exchange, – he says. – Because the Muscovites began to be late – who to work, who to send children to the kindergarten. Drivers of taxis, minibuses, buses became scarce. So, they say, until 2018 they gave the right not to change their rights. But officials are threatening to take this seriously next year. Because of them, you want to escape from here. ”
To Germany – for BMW.
However, as in practice, the “flight” to America will look like, Mahsud is still ill for himself. The option with a lottery to receive a “green card” is not for him: “I do not know how to play, nor did I understand the English instructions.” English he slowly teaches with the help of the Internet, when time is given out. “But we need practice, so I will finish my training on the spot,” my interlocutor specified.
“They say that it’s now easier for Uzbeks to get to America. With Tajikistan, the Americans wanted to be friends, but it did not work out – you know, they have been friends with Russia for a long time. I’ll try to go to America once for reconnaissance, see what’s there and how, and if I can get there. And once I go to look around in Europe. Many people praise her, they say, it is easier to make money there. But there are so many refugees from Syria now, “argues Mahsud.
By and large, says Mahsud, he does not care where to move – to America or Europe. “The main thing is to live where there is peace, where you can earn money and there is no such thing as here in Russia, when they press on you from all four sides. I’m tired here. From officials and deputies more than from drunken night passengers. Is this life? Constantly you are afraid of any new laws. Another six months will pass, and again something will come up that will complicate life, “- complains my interlocutor.
At parting, Mahsud took my phone number from me and clarified again whether Germany was so close to Moscow. Having received an affirmative answer, he promised to come to Germany soon to buy a car – when money will be. “It’s BMW. This is my dream”.
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