Crimea in 2018: is it worth striving for permanent residence.

Crimea in 2018: is it worth striving for permanent residence.
It passed more than three years after the Crimean referendum was held and the Crimean Autonomous Republic was included in the Russian Federation. In the life of Crimeans there have been significant changes. These events have caused and continue to cause an ambiguous reaction both in the Crimea itself, in Russia and Ukraine, and in the world community. The question of whether to move to the Crimea for permanent residence in 2018 or should be waited for some time remains relevant for both Russian citizens and those foreigners who dream of living on the sunny peninsula.
What is meant by permanent residence.
The abbreviation of permanent residence means “permanent residence”. When it comes to the status that gives permanent residence to citizens, it is understood that they must reside permanently in the host country, have registration at the place of residence, enjoy rights and bear obligations in accordance with their situation. Such status in the Russian Federation can be enjoyed by:
citizens of the country (enjoy all economic and social rights, have the opportunity to participate fully in political life, freely leave the country and how many to be absent, etc.); Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have legalized their residence by obtaining a residence permit (residence permit). For foreigners who have a residence permit in Russia, some restrictions on rights have been established (they can not take part in general elections, hold elective offices or work in state bodies).
We recommend to learn more about what is permanent residence.
The legal status of the Crimea and its inhabitants.
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The situation in the Crimea differs entanglement of legal relations. On the one hand, the entire territory of the Crimean peninsula and Sevastopol are under the actual control of the Russian Federation in the Russian legal field (after the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of Russia (Article 65) and inclusion in the Crimean Federation). Travel to the territory of the peninsula of Russian citizens is considered to be internal, therefore, neither customs nor special permits or passports are required.
On the other hand, Ukraine has a diametrically opposite view of the situation. The territory of the Crimea, she declared temporarily occupied. Crimeans are considered citizens of Ukraine, and the adopted legislative acts (Laws of Ukraine No. 1207-VII of 15.04.2014 (“Law on the Occupied Territory”) and No. 1636-VII of 12.08.2014 (“Law on SEZ” Crimea “)) established Ukrainian legal field in relation to the Crimea.
Members of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and several other countries supported the position of Ukraine and imposed sanctions against Crimean officials, a number of Crimean companies, trade and investment sanctions, bans on issuing visas to Crimeans, entry of foreigners to the peninsula not from Ukrainian territory.
Schengen visas: design possibilities for Crimeans.
The issuance of Schengen visas for residents of the Crimea came under the sanctions of the European Community. 06/10/2016 The European Commission and the European External Action Service approved and sent out recommendations on the non-recognition of Russian passports issued in the Crimea to Ukrainian citizens, the method of their identification. On the territory of the peninsula of foreign consulates of the EU countries there. But this does not mean that it is impossible to obtain such a visa for Crimeans. There are several options for this.
The first option is the most reliable and cheap. It will be feasible if the inhabitants of Crimea kept their Ukrainian passports. They need to apply to the consular departments of EU countries in Kiev or other cities of Ukraine. Moreover, citizens of Ukraine from the Crimea can freely obtain a biometric passport and enjoy all the benefits of visa-free travel.
Registration of biometric passports for Crimean residents occurs on a common basis with other Ukrainian citizens.
It is necessary to provide the passport of Ukraine, identification code, receipt for payment of the fee (557 UAH 32 kopecks – about 19 euros), passport (if issued earlier). The passport will be ready within 20 days; for accelerated process – passport for 3-4 days & # 8211; you need to pay 810 UAH. 32 cop. (27 euros).
The second option is to obtain a visa under the documents of the Russian Federation. This way is more problematic. You need to apply to the consulates yourself and if you do not need to show your passport with the registration, then there is a small chance. On the Internet, you can find references to the fact that Schengen residents can be made in the consulates of Italy (in some Italian cities), Greece (in the Moscow office), the Netherlands (in general for Russian citizens) and the Czech Republic (on the personal petition of the consul). True, the prices for this service start from 600 euros.
The third option – through travel agencies – is even more expensive. A 100% guarantee for opening a visa is given when paying the amount of 700-750 euros. The way is not quite legal & # 8211; it involves fictitious registration in one of the Russian regions.
Is it difficult to find work in the Crimea.
The situation with employment in the Crimea is also ambiguous. When planning to move to Crimea for permanent residence, you should consider how to earn money and support yourself and your family.
On the one hand, many ads on existing vacancies are posted on local websites and newspapers. If you analyze them, you can see that vacancies prevail in low-paid positions, which do not require high qualification. The average salary here is below the national average and ranges from 16 to 18 thousand rubles. so count on high earnings is not worth it.
A more favorable situation is observed among state employees (teachers, doctors, civil servants and military personnel), but there are no vacancies here.
In this situation, it becomes profitable to move a Russian pensioner to permanent residence in the Crimea in 2018 & # 8211; high & # 8221; northern & # 8221; or military pension will allow to live on the South Coast. The unemployment rate in the Crimea according to official data is 0.7%, unofficial – 35-40% of the number of able-bodied population.
We should not forget that for decades Crimeans, especially residents of the South Coast, earned mainly tourists from all corners of the USSR, and after its breakdown – from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. With the failure of the tourist season, traditional sources of income have ceased to make a profit: Russian tourists with great pleasure go to rest in Turkey, Vietnam or Hainan, where for the same money you can get the best service. The airport and seaports serve only domestic flights.
Recently, real working vacancies have been given for the repair of roads and construction of the Kerch bridge, although it is difficult for local residents to get there – specialists from other regions of Russia work there. The situation is aggravated by the rise in prices, which have been high here before.
Real estate in the Crimea: buy or not buy.
The possibility of buying an apartment or house in the Crimea is very limited. Ukraine did not prohibit the sale of real estate, but ruled that, according to Art. 11 Memory No. 1207-VII of 15.04.2014 and Art. 13 of the Memorial No. 1636-VII dated August 12, 2014, the ownership of apartments, houses and other immovable property must be transferred only under the laws of Ukraine.
The unified register of real property rights was closed and access to it is possible only in Ukraine. Sale under Russian law is recognized as invalid.
On the other hand, the transfer of ownership under Ukrainian law may no longer be recognized by the authorities in the Crimea. There is a probability of negative consequences for any option and a serious threat of losing your invested money. Such an uncertain situation was not lost on the scammers who, where in Crimea it is better to live on permanent residence, – Sevastopol, South Coast, Evpatoria and other districts. can resell one apartment to several clients at the same time.
How can I enter a foreigner in the territory of Crimea.
The entry of foreigners into the Crimea not through the territory of Ukraine by the Ukrainian authorities is prohibited and is prosecuted by law until imprisonment. For foreign citizens who wish to visit the Crimea and have grounds to do this (to visit relatives or family members, visit relatives’ graves, availability of real estate in property), an order is established according to which they must receive a special permit in the Ukrainian SMS, applying with the application and necessary documents . The application must be considered within five working days.
Entry to the territory of the Crimea occurs through the checkpoint – in Chongar, Chaplynka or Kalanchak. Thus, all Russian citizens arriving to Crimea through the airport “Simferopol”, through the Kerch crossing or seaports, from the point of view of international law – violators. The Russian side does not recognize this.
How to register for a foreigner in the Crimea.
Foreign citizens who are allowed visa-free entry into the Russian Federation are entitled to stay in the Russian territory for 90 days over a six-month period. Under Russian law, the territory of the Crimea is Russian, and all laws of the Russian Federation have the same force here.
Within seven days after arrival, you should contact the Interior Ministry Internal Affairs Directorate at your place of residence, provide copies of your passport and migration card. You can register for both a private address and a hotel.
Study in more detail the requirements and procedures for registration at the place of residence.
Residence permit in Crimea: registration of necessary documents.
In order to obtain the status of permanent residence in the Crimea, foreign citizens need to undergo a rather complicated procedure of legitimization. Such status can only be given to a foreigner by a residence permit.
The first task is to enter the number of lucky ones according to the allocated quota (in 2017 to Crimea it is 1500 people). The next item will be the acquisition of a RWP. For veterans of the Great Patriotic War, former citizens of the USSR there is a simpler way – one can immediately obtain Russian citizenship, bypassing the stages of the RWP and the residence permit.
In Crimea, the same set of documents is required as in other regions of the Russian Federation.
Algorithm of actions for obtaining residence permits in Russia and the Crimea.
Algorithm of actions is approximately the same for all regions of Russia.
The differences of Crimea will be that foreigners participating in the State program of resettlement of compatriots do not have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit here – this region does not apply to this region.
The standard procedure includes:
filling in the migration card; the registration with the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; obtaining a RWP; registration at the place of residence; obtaining a residence permit for a period of 5 years (with the right extension).
As a citizen of Ukraine get a RVP in the Crimea.
Before moving to Crimea for permanent residence from Ukraine, it is advisable to take care of the RWP in advance and apply to the Russian consulate. If for some reason this could not be done, the application can be submitted upon arrival in the Crimea.
It is considered within 60 days, the state duty is 1600 rubles. RVP allows you to live and work in Russia without obtaining a patent, issued for three years without the right to renew.

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